I was really impressed watching the documentaries in class this week on the “Idle No More” movement. I had never before considered how much more powerful it is to see a film made about a culture, produced by an individual from that culture. It is so important that this occurs, because no one can really understand a society unless they are a part of it.

The film that resonated me the most was the coverage of the thirteen year old girl who was rallying about environmental issues (I believe in Seattle). It is so essential that young people are educated and aware of the severity of environmental issues, and that they are motivated to try to bring about change. Of course the reality is daunting and disturbing, but if there isn’t optimism that change can be done – we will be eternally screwed (for a lack of better wording).

It is inane for outsiders of the first nation communities to believe that we can speak on their behalf. They have a voice that is incredibly intelligent and meaningful, and I’m so glad that film can be the medium through which it is transmitted to a wider audience.


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