This past week, the class discussed the Indigenous “voice.” For many years, others have been trying to give the Indigenous sovereignty a “voice.” Although most people trying to give a “voice” to the Indigenous peoples do it to help them out, they do not realize all peoples have a “voice.” People in power simply don’t listen to that “voice.” “Idle No More,” a peaceful revolution to honor the Indigenous sovereignty, is that “voice” of the peoples trying to save their land, their water, and their communities. That is just one voice of the Indigenous that should be heard, not the “voices” given to them through other means by other people. The same is for all peoples in the world. Every community has a voice of their own and no one outside of that community should have to give it to them. Instead, they should listen to their voice.


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  1. anzuokada says:

    I totally agree with you. Although it is very hard to make people who have power listen to the voice, we have to keep trying it. And either media or new media can be useful for sure if we rethink about how to use them efficiently.

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