A post further down by haircomestrouble, titled “Native American Documentary” really got me thinking. The first sentence reads;

“One of the documentaries mentioned the practice of the good white Christians stealing babies from Indian families and placing them in good white Christian homes to rid them of their savage nature”.

Coming from Australia, in school, we learn extensively about our indigenous/native community, we learn both the traditions and heritage but also about the horrific injustices we (as a country) have inflicted on their community. We too took indigenous children away from their family to “better” their lives and place them within the white community. Many of these children never saw their families again. After watching the many films last Monday night, it has become clear to me that injustices towards indigenous people happen all over the world and it’s made me furious. We talk about these horrific things that happened in the past but you just have to jump on internet and if won’t be long before you find the horrific things that are still happening today. We think we have come so far, but have we really? I Idle No More movement is just one example today, how about the extreme poverty this society is put through? Or the lack of access to education? This is all happening right now, it’s scary to think, when will it ever get better?


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