Our conversation in class on Wednesday has forced me to rethink a lot of media I’ve consumed, especially documentaries. How much of documentaries are filmmakers “giving a voice” and how much of it is them taking away the agency for certain groups to make their voices heard? Are people not using their voice because they’ve historically and systematically been silenced or oppressed? If so, how much is the documentary helping? Or is it hurting the community the filmmaker is trying to help?

This concept brings up the importance of media for and by marginalized groups and collaborating to make sure they have the resources to create the change they would like to see. Also, giving them the ability to illustrate a genuine portrayal of their lives as well as what representation they would like to see. This can also be applied to grassroots organizing, while allies are great, it’s important for them to support but not take away the agency for the marginalized community to make change.

I’m interested in watching/consuming more media made for certain communities by members in that community. Do any of you have suggestions?



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  1. alexamuniz says:

    I really love and agree with everything you have said here! If you don’t mind a semi-personal plug for media, I suggest you look at arts4justice youtube channel. I talk a little about my connection to it in my post above. But there is a lot of media on there done by and for different marginalized communities (I think most, if not all of them, are local groups but of course take part in larger communities and discussions nationally and globally).

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