I wanted to follow up our conversation about hacking with a link to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s production company, hitRECord. HitRECord is a website where artists can share their work. Anything people post on the site is free for other artists to use to make something new. I think it’s important to think about how we as perpetual creators or media content can benefit from collaboration like this. How is Joseph Gordon Levitt using the practice of hacking an building on it for the art community?

Here’s the link to the soulpancake episode where I initially heard about hitRECord.


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  1. revandrewwright says:

    I remember hearing about this site and its effect on Don Jon. I think that JGL building a community of artists who can work from the safety of their home and the convenience of their leisure time is a great way to propagate intellectual engagement, even for those who wouldn’t normally engage in that sort of creation

  2. tylercohentyco says:

    Thanks for sharing this website! This is extremely relevant to our reading this week on new media, and alternative new media with challenging or altering dominant, expected ways of doing society, culture, and politics.

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