Through the class and reading, human and nature, these two word continued impact on my mind. After the 19th century, there are more and more conflicts that occur between human and nature. With the achievement and accomplishment we achieved in different area, we start considering and believing that we are the host of the Earth, forgetting that several hundred of years ago, our life were just the same as other creatures’ on the Earth. The things and knowledge we obtained today are all the gift from the nature.

In the past, even our ancestor got the resources and learned the knowledge from the nature as us, they remembered to appreciate the nature. In China, if you ever read the books that written in the past, you will learn that our ancestors did not try to teach we how to conquer the natu


but how to coordinate with it. They knew coordination is much better than conquest. Today the development of technology allow us to have a better life, however, most of times, we are using technology to destroy others’ life and nature in order to make our life better, as doing in this way is easier than concern about both sides. People now are used to conquer others, no matter those are their opponents, enemies or nature as we can get gratification and feel proud after we defeat or control others. This kind of attitude makes us started to challenge the nature and even considering that we can defeat it. However, now the facts show us that we could never win.

Though it will be hard, as human can never give up their profit, i still believe that we should respect or even fear nature, because people will only coordinate with things that stronger than they, in order to live a better life.


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  1. enabanana says:

    The speach given by the young Native American activist in the Idle No More really got me. I agree with your opinion that the profit is the priority for human and I believe it is impossible for us to stop using natural resource and to give up on what we have now and to go back to the time when people were not relying on industrial products. Therefore I think it is crucial for every nations, governemtns, and companies to start using just what they need and not to waste natural resources.

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