I’m not sure if that title pun works totally… but anyways I wanted to pass along a little photo collection of images taken of Burning Man Festival from Drones. I wouldn’t qualify this as New Media in the sense that it is pretty much one-way mass dissemination. However, drones ARE definitely a new vehicle for image-making. What interests me so much about this is not that drones are being used for high-definition aerial photography (we all could see that one coming)– I think what catches me the most is the way in which this piece normalizes the presence of drones in a non-military context.


About eliciasepstein

Documentarian; maker. Southern California.

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  1. revandrewwright says:

    The photo-series is really interesting, but there’s one image that causes me to pause. The drone flying over people perched in the repeated word, “LOVE” strikes at me. There is a poetry here maybe only particular to myself; the distance of the inanimate drone from the basic but pure emotion of love is a perfect punctum

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