I think looking at technology through the lens of public and private life is really interesting and applicable to our class discussion today, and can be discussed about many different devices and practices, and on different scales. For instance our discussion of open source and non-open source coding is fascinating in the sense of its upsides and downsides. It makes sense that open source coding is progressive, accessible, and transparent, but I think there is also something to be said about being able to keep the software of your website private. Additionally, someone mentioned google glass today in the context of the idea of the cyborg, and furthermore bringing technology into a public space. Google glass is an interesting lens to look through when thinking about public and private space and furthermore recording and individual rights because when someone is using the google glass, it is impossible for a bystander to know whether or not the user is recording video footage.This feature of google glass has resulted in a lot of backlash from critics because of the inherent infringement this poses on personal privacy and consent of recording. Technology that is being used to enhance bodily functions seems to me to be the ultimate example of bringing the private into the public, and to me this is and unwelcome transition. There are ample examples of this in the technological world, probably too many to address in a blog post.


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