My first impression of this short movie was of course, simply “gross” “ew” and “ouch”. I just felt like going back to my dorm room and diving into my bed to run away from it. Ribbon, flower, pink or heart motif have always been my favorite which means the movie was too bloody for me and I did not even have any room for thinking about the meaning that lied behind.

However, that was the one which remains my memory the most till now and I made up my mind to watch this again. We talked that this is about warning of oil extraction so this time I tried not to be freaked out and watched it carefully.

In my home country, Japan uses a lot of oils everyday. Recyclable paper is not so common , use disposable fork and spoon for usual meal and 60% of people own cars. And we 100% rely on import because there is no oil deposit in Japan. I realized that I am the one who has to watch this as Japanese and know not only how much we waste natural resource but also how terrible we use tons of oil everyday.

Once I finished watching this, I really wanted this kind of movies to be seen in all the developed countries that are wasting so much oil. There is a sentence in “The Media and Ecosystem says that “Globalization, consumerism, industrialization, and information economy are accelerating the ecological crisis, and media helps facilitate this process by making its dangers and touting the benefits of this system”. Most of the advertisements fit into this but the movie that we watched did not. I wish there would be more this kind of advertisement and change the way or thought of using media.


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  1. Yes I so agree about how hard that film is to watch. I also think it makes a really strong argument for the relationship between violent patriarchy and the unsustainable mining of natural resources/corporate +industrial development….adding another element of uneasiness for mainstream audiences.

    • rbhalla2018 says:

      I also thought it was incredibly difficult to watch, but I think that can be okay. An audience can potentially grow from uneasiness, if they question what about it makes them uncomfortable.

  2. alexamuniz says:

    I think that most people will find some aspect of this video difficult to watch or shocking in some way. It is not meant to sit easy with us. I really appreciate reading about your reflection and experience in Japan because it just gives me another perspective and gets me out of the American boundary I tend to think in.

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