What is the most significant or memorable image you have ever seen in a news story that emotionally impacted you? If you can post that image, or describe why it impacted you, it would really help my project. The description doesn’t have to be involved nor involve war.

Thanks to everyone.


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  1. lucasfromnewyork says:

    As long as I live, I will never forget seeing footage of the second plane crashing into the World Trade Center, nor the overwhelming air of despair that hung over New York City in the following months and weeks. On September 11th, 2001 America changed forever. The atrocities of 9/11 proved to be sobering for Americans, we realized that the specter of terrorism can extend across our own borders and that we are by no means invincible.

  2. enabanana says:

    The most recent one that I remember is the image of 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in northern part of Japan. we could ONLY see news about disasters on TV for the first a few weeks. I cannot pick one particular image, but what I remember was that I could not believe that it was actually happening in my country because it was way too horrible to accept. In the news, I saw houses collapsing, water from ocean flooding in the cities, and people crying because their siginificant ones were missing. I could not believe that it was happening while I was in the house with my family. I also felt very useless because I could not do anything about it.

  3. enabanana says:

    I felt helpless not useless.. sorry

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