I found the cinematical technique and editing in this film very fascinating. Even without a storyline, these two features made it possible for the audience to see the film how Vetrov wanted them to see it. As it was mentioned during class discussion, the scene of a woman blinking allowed the audience to experience the film from perspective of the camera.

I liked the scene which showed marriage and divorce registration offices in particular. The scene showed footage of a movie camera facing the left side of the city first and then contrasted this by showing the camera shift to the other side. This contrast helped the audience to understand that these opposite situations are happening at the same time just on the other side of the city. I felt that director’s cross-shot of city and footage of trains going the opposite directions helped to convey his point that film allows people to see “invisible world”. I think this scene succeeded in showing his audiences a way of looking at and perceiving these contrasting scenes, which showed two-opposite worlds such as birth and death.


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  1. tylercohentyco says:

    I also loved how two opposite worlds would get set next to each other in this film, and I think part of what made these jumps possible was the lack of a rigid plot structure.

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