“Kyoto protocol” this has been sounding quite familiar to me since I first hear of it but I actually didn’t know what this was exactly till I got interested in environmental issue recently.

If everyone in every country tries hard not to emit Co2, I thought it was easy to stop global warming, however the things do not go that well in reality. To develop their own countries, cutting Co2 is bothering it and they hand off the problems to other countries. And they mostly hide the information that they are doing it so that people don’t know that their countries resist to corporate to stop global warming which is horrible. I thought media has to be liaison between the truth and people so I want to stick with this topic for the presentation.



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  1. rbhalla2018 says:

    The Kyoto Protocol has been a pretty controversial subject among the UN and between countries. Many less developed countries argue they shouldn’t have to try to cut down Co2 emissions because they don’t have the structure or resources to do it and that it is up to the “superpowers” to fix the global climate chaos. Pretty interesting to see the intersections of climate change and globalization.

  2. benliang02033 says:

    The developed countries developed themselves by greatly polluting the environment during the 19 and 20 century, and they are still producing most of the co2 and pollution in 21 century. For the developing countries, they could not go through the same type of economic development as they will criticize by the world and the developed countries maintain most of the resources in the world. However, the developing countries also need to develop, and the developed countries never expect to sacrifice their profit to help them. Therefore, if the Kyoto protocol did not restrict the developed countries,i f the Kyoto protocol is a tool for developed countries to restrict the developing countries did we really need it?

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