the movie we seen on monday night was really interested me, though it would be consider as a nonsense and boring movie by most of my friends. The movie did not have a main character, a clear story line or even some scene that could fulfill nowadays people’s taste. Watching this movie, we seemed lead by a random people and just view the 1920s world through his eyes. There were nothing special : people waked up, went to their workplace and repeated the same moves during their work. The street became crowded and crowded with the sun rise higher and higher. we can see all kind of emotion through the eyes. As people had limited knowledge about the camera and the durable of photos and video, they showed their sincere emotion to the camera, just like the horse, showing his arrogant to us. After i watched this film, i actually didn’t have much deep thought or inspire by it. However, i think in our modern society, we need more movies like this, which allowed us to think  and relax . Everyday we are forced to absorb numerous information and leaded by different media.We had less and less time to think by ourselves, which we also seem too tired to think by ourselves. The fast living pace also keep us from doing so. Therefore, we will easily mislead by the social media and believe what seem to be true. Giving our mind sometime to relax and to think, we will better to stand in the stream of countless information. Man with a movie camera is a really good movie, and i did think a lot when i was watching it, but i had forgotten what i thought after several day.


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  1. enabanana says:

    I also enjoyed the film, however, I wonder if I can still like it as much without music or sound. Because we are too used to the way how the today’s movies are made, I think it will be hard for me to be interested in and to remember anything about this film as silent movie.

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