The scenes change so many times at a dizzy speed and no significant story. The movie that we saw on Monday made me confused at first. But although I got confused, it also made me really interested somehow and once I finished the readings for Wednesday, the interest got stronger.

I actually could not get what he wanted to tell exactly only from the reading but remembering the movie that we watched, it makes it easier to understand and it was easy to find the full movie of The man with a movie camera on YouTube.

Thorough using the latest cinematography and making flow of the story unclear on purpose, the movie arouses audience’s curiosity, interest and imagination. This is why I checked YouTube again and am writing a blog entry about this. “we can not improve the making of our eyes, but we can endlessly perfect the camera.” Vertov was trying to be beyond human’s ability of seeing and hearing things by camera. Of course I still haven’t understand his idea yet, I found this really thought provoking.


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