Dziga Vertov’s Man With a Movie Camera was an assessment of Soviet culture after The Great War. One important takeaway I had from the film was the way it portrayed work and industry of the time. This was manifested through the comparison of work produced by machinery and work done by hand. I found it very interesting how the film would switch from showing the labor of individuals who were packaging cigarettes or cutting hair to a machine operation at the time. To me, the flawless, machine-like depiction of the workers who did mindless tasks was an impressive way to comment on the tasks of the time. Counteractive to this was the more-creative style of the barbers, but the transition from cigarette packer to barber was very smooth and I thought it was an interesting comparison of how the roles were done.

Another takeaway that I found interesting from the film was the comparison of marriage certificates and divorce certificates, and the seemingly indifference that couples had when performing both. Although the couple getting divorced were obviously distressed, the process for both actions seemed to be pretty similar and I found that to be a funny way to depict the culture and time.


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