In 1968, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Argentina, Japan and the United States, all had college uprisings. In Mexico, ten days into the ’68 Olympics, they killed 40 students. I didn’t know much about the French one, or any of the others sans Mexico and Czechoslovakia, but I will be doing some research. If anybody knows any good books, please advise.

In the Gulf war video, I thought some of the stuff was too heavy handed, but some of it was great juxtaposition. Most notably, Whitney Houston singing the national anthem and the screams of jet airplanes, people being bombed and the rockets red glare coming from her mouth. That was powerful. The questions I have about that particular war: If America and the other western nations had not gotten involved would it have been less objectionable if it was only Arabs killing Arabs like in the Iran Iraq war of the 1980s? Also, when does a Rwanda officially become a Rwanda? What is the demarcation and who makes that decision?


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