For the group Project, Tyler and myself came up with three initial ideas of what social issues we wanted to focus our project on. We researched current issues and highlighted three that were both current and of our interest; 1. Drug Legalization 2. Access to Healthy Food 3.Violence in the Media. After discussions we decided we needed to focus on something that was happening within our closer community and of interested to us both.

At the same time, one of our friends posted an article on social media surrounding if Marijuana use has more harmful effects than alcohol abuse, the findings are fascinating;

This inspired us, and we decided that drug legalization, in particular the legalization of Marijuana in California was relevant. If people in our social circle are too posting, researching and commenting about this issue, than it wasn’t just our personal interest social issue.


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  1. benliang02033 says:

    i thought the topic you choice was really interesting. As now in china, there is a debate about the the harm of Marijuana and whether it should consider a drug, which some celebrity was caught because of smoking weed making this topic started to attract people’s attention.Also, what the article said was also leading me think about this question differently.

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