Vertov’s “Manifesto” brings up lots of really interesting points. On page 6, he says, “neither political filming nor filming done under economic pressure takes into account the cinematic interest of a subject.” Vertov argues if money or politics are involved the validity and intention of the film is questioned. Currently, the film industry is grounded in budgets because it requires resources and labor to make films. I agree that this process often leads to artistic compromise but at the same time it gives middle class people the opportunity to make films. In Vertov’s time only upper class folks had the opportunity to make films. Even though money changes the artistic intent, it allows a more diverse audience to make films.

Additionally, now many documentaries have political intentions but are used to create change. For example, “Blackfish” directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite was about the corruption at Sea World and led to politicians creating legislation to ban orca shows. Ultimately, the question that arises is – is it okay to have film interest compromised if it’s for the greater good?


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