I saw Boyz In The Hood for the first time in my US History class in high school. It is a film that has resonated with me ever since. In the film, Furious tells Ricky and Dough about gentrification. He explains how people from outside the neighborhood are bringing down the property value. I learned about gentrification for the first time through watching this film in high school. I had remembered this scene and went back to re-watch it for this project. The first time I watched the film, this scene seemed to flow. It didn’t stand out as different or particularly important. However, in watching it again I am questioning who this film is intended for and more specifically, who this scene was intended to teach. Furious teaches Ricky and Dough in the film, but now as a viewer, it seems as though Furious is actually trying to teach the viewers, specifically viewers who are outside their community. To me, it seems as though he is acknowledging the ways in which his community is misrepresented and trying to dispel that representation for the viewer. We’ve talked about the importance of making content by a community and for that same community (ex: Native American cinema). What is the value of making content by one community as a teaching mechanism for another community?


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