With the exception of a few moments in the discussion of NSMs (in relation to class status being irrelevant for movement solidarity) Lievrouw’s Ch. 2 has been my favorite reading of ours so far. I think this is because it made a light bulb sort of go off in my head…

Since I was little I have known that I have wanted to be an investigative journalist. I love exploring, listening to people, and most of all, the idea of catalyzing change in a greater community. However, I am above all an artist and over the last few years have moved more toward making work inspired by the Dadaist and Situationist + contemporary conceptual/social art practices. I loved how Lievrouw approached Dadaist and Situationist theory within the context of social movements, and especially the idea of art as activism in a stylistic sense (and talking about dominant ideologies encoded in language and visual signifiers etc). Maybe I don’t have to be a journalist or an activist or an artist. Maybe I can be all at once.


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Documentarian; maker. Southern California.

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