When i talked with Tim about our topic “War and media”,  his one sentence left me a deep impression—“ Their truth is just as powerful as yours”.  This sentence is really easy to understand, but hard for us to practice.

When we judge a lot of things, we will easily put ourselves at the dominant place and then start analyzing them, which sometimes cause us chosen the wrong side. For example, in some area of my province, people eat dogs as a tradition for a long time but couple months ago, some people began blame them for eating dogs. When the media reported about this news, they also put some cute and innocent doggie images under the article. Therefore, after people, who had dogs as their pet, learned about this news, they soon started criticizing

 others for eating dogs. However, if these people could step back and think, they will find that they consider dogs for pet or friends, but in those area, people consider dogs as food. But the media help these people get to the dominant position that believing dogs for everyone are pets, so they criticized others for being cruel of eating pets. People only think about their side but ignore the opposite sides, making the innocent people have to endure the unwarranted critique.

During the war, sometimes the media also use this strategy to gain people’s support. They showed the images that it is hard to understand in your culture and even seem inhumanity for you. Therefore, people then consider that they should go and save these people, believing what they chosen was in the name of justice. Whereas, they never step back and think the truth behind them. If the people are satisfying of living under such life, why should others go and interrupt them. Even for you it seems that they are miserable, but that might be because you have the different culture, and if so, how can you know that your culture is better than theirs?

Therefore, we should always remember that “Their truth is just as powerful as yours”. learn how to respect, learn how to step back and learn how to tolerant.


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  1. alexamuniz says:

    “Their truth is just as powerful as yours”

    This is a pretty intense statement. It has also got me thinking a lot too. Thanks for sharing it. America tends to have this “white savior complex” that I think is very applicable to war and media and is interesting to think about in the context of this quote. I am interested to see what more you both have to present on this topic as I think it is very interesting.

  2. laureljaclyn says:

    When you initially mentioned that comment from Tim, I immediately remembered this video I saw awhile ago from Save The Children. To me, it is literally the visual representation of what you two were talking about.

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