Hey everyone,

Alexa and I are working on a campaign to get older smartphones from people to use as cameras and editing tools in Sherman Indian High School. I know it can be tempting to sell them and get a little money in your pocket, but I encourage you to think about what could be done with it in it’s next life.

Sherman Indian High School is a boarding school for Native American students from all over the U.S. It used to be a government run boarding school used for assimilation of native peoples, but today it is run by and for indigenous people.

Indigitize Sherman High 2-page-001

While they are doing many amazing things for their students, they don’t have the resources for a media production class or the money to spend on them. Our goal is to collect used smartphones to give to the school so that they can take video and edit it in one place. This will give students the means to share their voice with the interconnected world that lives in our back pockets.

Why phones not cameras, you ask? Today the cameras on phones are better than many simple point and shoot cameras you can buy for cheap. Filming on the smartphone also makes it easy to edit them right there. Students will be able to film, edit, and post all from one place.

So, consider dropping your phone off in the Media Studies check-out window or at the Community Engagement Center (CEC) in Scott Hall. We would greatly appreciate you donation.

Here’s how it works:

  • There are phone drop boxes in the CEC Office (in Scott Hall) and at the Media Studies check-out window in West Hall.
  • Back-up the information on your phone and then wipe the hard drive (instructions attached).  Put a post-it note with your name and contact info on the phone. Then drop it in the slot and you’re all good.
  • We’ll contact you to confirm that the drive is wiped and none of your personal information is in our hands.

Thanks for your support!


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  1. hannahmwebster says:

    THIS IS SUCH A FANTASTIC AD!!!!!!!!! I’ll spread the word to my friends. One person asked if the donation of a used iPhone, which still has significant monetary value, is tax deductible, if he donates it. I didn’t research the answer for him, but I wonder how many families have old flip phones they don’t consider to be re-sellable.

    • gennabear says:

      Thanks Hannah! The iPhone would probably be too complicated to figure out, but I love that he’s thinking about donating. And we’re really looking for smart phones with good cameras for this project, but there are other projects out there that old flip phones would be great for.

  2. socalens says:

    Pitzer is a non-profit so technically donation could probably be legitimized, but we would have to wade through some bureaucracy to make it happen. Also, once Pitzer gets in the picture they may want to control where we place the equipment.

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