The film “La hora de los hornos” struck me because of the varied use of extremely aggressive cinematographic strategies to get across its final point. More specifically, the two tactics that struck me the most were the use of repetitive text and the juxtaposition of the animal slaughter and the leisure images. I think that repeating such phrases in all bold letters, such as “Liberación,” is a very outwardly aggressive but successful tactic when trying to get your audience to remember key phrases about your message. Secondly, I think the juxtaposition between the cow murders and the hauntingly empty leisure advertisements was a little too jarring for my taste, but conveyed the message of the film very successfully. I think that these two tactics are very similar aesthetically and convey a very definitive tone in a film, which can only work with very specific content. I am interested in researching more about the cinematographic strategies of these types of film, and what has proven to be the most successful over time.


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