Although the article is now two months outdated, the horror still reverberates from the death of Staten Island citizen, Eric Garner, by the hands of the New York Police Department. Garner, a black man, had a confrontation with white police Officer Daniel Pantaleo, which led to him being held in a chokehold and killed by neck compressions. Chokeholds are prohibited by the NYPD, however that didn’t stop Officer Pantaleo from compressing Garner’s chest until he passed.

Garner’s neighbor, Charlene Thomas, said that officers must be punished for these offensive actions. “They killed somebody,” Thomas said. “Why, because they’re cops, they gotta get away with this?”

Why was Garner in this predicament with Officer Pantaleo, might you ask? What crime did he commit to warrant this horrific behavior? Well, the article reads that Garner was arrested for suspicions of the sale of untaxed, loose cigarettes. Does that crime justify a chokehold of an obese man with heart disease and asthma? I think it’s time that our police, who are commissioned to “protect and serve”, be tried for their unjust actions and that proper and moral restructuring of our law enforcement system be introduced.

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