On September 21th, 2014, huge climate marches were held in thousands places in all over the world. The purpose of the event is to affect the climate summit that was happening 2 days after this march. In order to make it successful, they gathered people by posters, web page, SNS and so many other media and eventually, approximately 400000 people came to NYC where the main march was held just to do the climate march. This action got famous by news, articles, journal or SNS in a twinkle and at the summit, some of the participants including president Obama mentioned about this which might have leaded to the better resolution.

Apparently, this movement was perfectly successful but some experts say that it would have been more effective to the summit if it was more radical. I am not quite sure about this opinion but if I had to criticize this activity, I would say once it got regard as the biggest climate march in the history by media, the next one has to be even bigger which is hard so it might not be sustainable. Everyone knows there is no perfect successful activity but it is interesting to see people creating unique activities one after another.



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  1. Yes I think its important how you touch on the huge media outreach this event had– even though most of us were stuck in Claremont for it, I’m sure we all felt its presence on social media and the news. Even if we weren’t able to physically be there to participate, we have been able to weigh in on other platforms.
    I’m also really interested in your questioning of the success of the event– after all, are there metrics for how successful a campaign/event can be? I’m not sure how we might begin to quantify something like that (or if we even should) but would be curious about others’ ideas or writing on that.

  2. benliang02033 says:

    your point that this event is the biggest one, so the next event has to even bigger was really interesting. Therefore, i am considering that if this event didn’t win the name of the biggest climate march, how many of us will really look for this event? how much attention would it obtain?

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