Today when I think of the word, “media,” I think of television, the internet, and newspapers first. I forget that art is media. Many other things that I have not listed are too, but right now I am thinking of the importance of art as media, and specifically art as media for social change. My high school English teacher has an Instagram where over this past year he has been posting photos with the hashtag: “#oneyearofsocialjustice” usually with photos of individuals who have done things for the cause of social justice in some way. He recently posted a photo of Marcel Duchamp’s piece, “fountain” which we saw a picture of in class. I learned about Marcel Duchamp in an art class last year, but we really just learned about how instrumental he was for bending and stretching concepts of what is art. That concept was at the core of our class so that made sense, but I wish I learned more about Dada last year because I would have appreciated art like Marcel Duchamp’s even more. By making art that does not make sense, it forces people to question how much all of the things (especially media, which usually is some form of art) they regularly perceive to be normal, are actually twisted, unfair, and do not make sense. Here is photo of some urinal art from 1990 by David Hammons:

urinal trees


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  1. socalens says:

    I love David Hammond’s work, but I had not seen this piece – thanks for posting!

  2. benliang02033 says:

    What you said remind me that art is also an media. Today most of us are too busy to really think about art. Thinking about when was the last time i saw art, i could not even remember it.(though art is everywhere) For me art is too complicate to understand, so i never relate art to media, but after i turned back and view the art from Marcel Duchamp, i start to get some idea of art and media.

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