As the Hk student protest continued, everyday i can receive tons of news about it from different media. After i read so much news, one really made me angry, which was about the Hk students refused to show their respect to the national flag and even force one child to throw hers chinese national flag during raising flag.

In my opinion, it is fair for people in hk to protest and speak out for their will. In our society, we always need some different voices to adjust and enlighten us. If everyone never think and always follow the mainstream, then the country will never develop and may even step back. Therefore, i don’t oppose for this movement but i also don’t support this, as i believe it was not only just a student movement. Hk students’ action of turning their back on the national flag made me feel sad, and they forced the child to throw the national flag made me feel angry. From my perspective, country is separated from government. People can say they dislike the government, but few of them will say they hate the country. If people lose their belief in their nationality, i don’t know what else could they believe. i am not saying that being a Chinese is so proud for me, but at least i know i am a Chinese. While i read that the hk students forced the little girl to throw hers flag, i was so confusing and felt ridiculous, just like the girl’s mother questioned, “what is wrong with a Chinese hold a Chinese national flag?” For those hk students, i only want to say, you can do what you want, but leave the girl alone, let her make her own decision.

Finally, the purpose of this movement was good, but i personally expect this movement won’t get off the right track.635480990440649933 635480992907638266


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  1. Free speech and democracy (funny, I accidentally typed democrazy at first) is a beautiful thing.

    It is also messy and sometimes dangerous.

    And sometimes to be heard above all the day-to-day noise of normalcy it takes a little bit of piercingly loud acute abnormalcy.

    It hurts to see one’s national symbols intentionally disrespected… but it a powerful message and a powerful way to be heard.

    Praise Free Speech!
    Praise Democracy!

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