The video in my post led me to think more about the media’s effect, and why should we always keep in mind that stepping back and thinking in both sides.  Before watching this video, i never knew that how great this movement affected hk’s local people. Thinking as a college student, i only concern about democracy, freedom, and  whether this movement succeed or not, what following events will happen in China and it’s eff

ects in all over the world. Before watching this video, i though

t i had already gotten a full picture for the movement. Before watching video, i thought as an outsider, i was not manipulated by the media and what i thought was comprehensive. However, after watching this video, i knew how naive i was. The media was really sly. They continued report the how great the movement was and what impacts would it affect China or the world. Therefore, we just think big and dream big. Finally, we ignore the things and people that are the closest to this event. I think i am smart enough to “understand” the media, but i still followed the ways that media wants me to go.

In the video, the man, in pink and wore glasses, owned a crab restaurant. However, as the movement happened, his business dramatically decreased and as the rent in hk was rea

lly high, he faced the situation that he might lose what he owned now.  In the video (1:15), he shouted to the students that ” you are just kids, you have your parent and you don’t need to worry about anything. But for us, we have to earn our own life and we have our kids and parent to feed. You can chase your dream, your ideal, but how could you achieve them by destroying our life.”  Finally, he even begged these students for stopping the movement.

Yeah, if we look at our side, we can see confronting with Chinese government, the hk students are helpless and weak. However, if we look at local people’s side, we can see confronting with hk students, the local people are helpless and weak. One citizen said “Now the students are king. They are protected by law as teenage and they are protected by world. They can do what they want and what they like, as the name of fighting for democracy.” It’s also really ironically that it seems that the students fight for hk people’s good and finally they are the one that hurt the hk people most.


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