I found a couple of great articles on the school to prison pipeline. http://www.safeandjust.org/schools-not-prisons  and http://www.huffingtonpost.com/russell-simmons/never-once-have-i-imagine_b_5835728.html

This is the line that struck me as to the absurdity and severity of this situation all rolled up into one: “In the state of California, we now spend $62,300 per prison inmate per year while only $9,200 to educate a child in a K-12 school.”  And this is in the state of California, which is supposed to be the beacon of progressiveness in America.


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  1. rbhalla2018 says:

    Thanks for sharing! I thought the Huffington Post article was incredibly interesting because when people think of the school to prison pipeline, they think of men of color but don’t really think of women of color. As the father was talking about his two girls, I was reminded by a post I read in the New York Times, earlier this year. Here it is, it’s about the School to Prison Pipeline and women of color!


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