I run a club at Scripps that creates and promotes healthy media focussing specifically on gender representation. At our last meeting we made vision boards (basically glorified collages) with old magazines. One of the club members pointed out that we were essentially using objectifying advertising to create a new message, but in order to do that we had to physically deconstruct the ad. This reminded me a lot of the physical nature of McLuhan’s book. The reader has to physically interact with the book in order to understand McLuhan’s argument. Because the reader has to reorientate the book several times and decipher images, McLuhan takes the passivity out of the consumption process of his media creation. I found the final page of his book to be particularly poignant. At the very end, the use of the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland seems to signal that media has overtaken and brainwashed consumers. This is particularly important in relation to advertising considering how advertising seeps into everything we consume. It takes an active consciousness to even begin to notice how it takes a hold of your life.

Here is one of the vision boards one of our club members made that I thought was particularly powerful:

Featured image


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