Are you planning on getting the new iPhone 6? Did you think about what you might do with your current phone.

How many cell phones have you gone through? What did you do with your old phones? Did you sell them, give them to a friend, recycle them, or throw them away?

Unfortunately a lot of cell phones end up in our landfills and people do not realize the effect this has on our environment.

Only about 10 percent of the cell phones used in the United States are recycled. We need to do better. Here’s why:

Recycling just one cell phone saves enough energy to power a laptop for 44 hours.

If Americans recycled all of the 130 million cell phones that are tossed aside annually in the United States, we could save enough energy to power more than 24,000 homes for a year.

For every one million cell phones recycled, we can recover 75 pounds of gold, 772 pounds of silver, 33 pounds of palladium, and 35,274 pounds of copper; cell phones also contain tin, zinc and platinum.

Recycling one million cell phones also saves enough energy to provide electricity to 185 U.S. households for a year.

Cell phones, PDAs and other electronic devices also contain hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and brominated flame retardants. Many of those materials can be recycled and reused; none of them should go into landfills where they can contaminate air, soil and groundwater.


Help us Indigitize Sherman High and aid our environment by donating your old iPhones/Andriods or other smart devices with a camera to the students of Sherman Indian High School!

Phone Drive

Indigitize Facebook Page


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  1. hannahmwebster says:

    YOU ROCK for sharing this virally. I didn’t know this information, so I am so glad that you’ve given our whole class a way to learn more about WHY reusing our phones in new ways is important. You also are fantastic for all the work you’re doing with your phone drive for MASJ. I have heard several students say that they will return from fall break with the phones they have stored at home. (This info is on FB, which means Genna’s new how-to-spam-people knowledge is being put to good use hehe)

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