Hey folks,

Last week I posted up some articles that the Claremont Port Side published in the past. This week (Friday, in fact) we published our first issue of the year. Normally, I’d share some articles with you, but our site is currently down due to an issue with an organization funding us.

Instead, I’ve included a link below to a PDF of our whole issue (if the embed link doesn’t work, I’ll post a direct link in the comments.

Here are some articles I think are worth reading for class:

Hong Kong: An interesting perspective on Hong Kong from an international student, and an infographic as well. Pages 6-7

Ferguson/LA: A retrospective of Ferguson through the lens of media, police brutality, and the LA riots. If any of you are interested in hearing Eirik’s full interview with Jim Newton, please let me know. Pages 8-9

Aesthetics of Influence: More of a data driven piece, but definitely fascinating and by two talented writers. Pages 10-11

Gaming Misogyny: A look at media-driven hate speech. Short, but powerful. Page 12

Same Conflict, Different Worlds: Russia/Ukraine and propaganda. Page 14

Football: Focused around media and an obsession with violence. Page 18


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