After the fatal shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, protestors took not only to the streets of the city, but they also took to the online social networks where they told their side of the story. As I was writing on the effect of social media after Mike Brown had been killed, I came across the term “citizen journalist”. I really like this quote that Colorlines Editor-at-Large Kai Wright stated in an interview with Scott Simon of the National Public Radio (NPR),

“… what is also important to point out is that while the medium of social media has been very powerful, what’s really been at the courts is something very old-school, which was citizens behaving as citizen journalists, who just refuse to be bullied out of the streets. And we’re documenting what was going on around them in a way that reminds us more of the civil rights movement and things decades ago than they do anything new.”[1]

At this point social media was creating social change. This powerful medium was used to rally people together against police abuse in Ferguson and all around the country.

[1] “How Social Media Helped Spread Protest In Michael Brown Shooting” by Scott Simon and Kai Wright: 53ff5a4d5718c.preview-1024


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  1. rbhalla2018 says:

    Thanks for sharing Josue! Social Media has been a critical and effective tool in spreading awareness of what’s going on Ferguson. Especially mediums like Twitter and Youtube.

    I read this article a while ago but was reminded of it when I read your post!

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