This is a poster of the famous clothing company, Disel. Of course this poster is to advertise their own clothing to people but there is another message which says below of the poster. It appeals people that we are in dangerous situation because of the global warming. Apparently, it is difficult to tell what the massage of this poster is and my view is like this; people have been satisfied their own desires and still, even it got hotter and though their desire turned to be related to global warming, they keep satisfying their selves and ignoring the situation. This is just a guess but it is clear that once you see this poster, you will use your brain and think how this picture is related to global warming. Also, the target of this fashion brand is twenty to forty year-old people and the prices of their products are quite high so the people who have interest of this brand must be higher than upper middle class. Those people who can use money as much as they want tend to have more than two cars or keep air conditioner on whole day and this poster can approach them to pay attention on global warming. Moreover, it can also approach people who do not interested in preserving environment but interested in clothing so this will help other activity that are making effort on diffuse how global warming is severe problem to society as well. The one thing I was considering about its problem is the picture is a little too difficult for a lot of people to understand. If it is a bit more catchy but not too easy, it might attract their attention more.

diesel global warming


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