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  1. I live in the sf bay area, and I think that the mission is the most perfect example of gentrification. I have played soccer on this field before, and this neighborhood has turned from a residential one to a wealthy hipster one. Valencia street is the most distinct example I can think of, a street that has transformed into a strip of high end boutiques and trendy restaurants. Very fun to hang out on/ shop around, but EXTREMELY gentrified, very sad to me.

    • tylercohentyco says:

      Isabel, I completely know what you mean! A couple months ago I was walking down Valencia (while stopping in the bay on my way from Oregon to Claremont) from the mission towards Market street I think and my friend and I stepped into a few of the shops and everything, no matter if it was clothing, artwork, or gadgets etc. was ridiculously expensive! Like $300 sweaters and stuff. Then a few blocks down you have bars with bundles of homeless people hanging around outside. San Francisco is apparently one of the best cities in terms of providing medical care to the homeless though.

      • yes, there is a strong feeling of detachment in that neighborhood. There are so many homeless people in San Francisco, I think the city does an OK job of dealing with them, some neighborhoods are very troubled though.

  2. revandrewwright says:

    Crazy stuff. Seeing gentrification so actualized on video is incredibly powerful; the videomaker knew exactly what they were doing

  3. laureljaclyn says:

    We talked in class about how one of the main problems with gentrifications is the loss of access to public resources. It is so frustrating to me that a resource that is supposed to be for public use is being restricted for use only by an upper class of people. It’s really demonstrative of how class structures are so pervasive throughout our entire society and how they seep into communities.

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