You cannot be prepared to delve deeply into a topic unless you have a baseline understanding of your own personal needs (health conditions etc) as well as basic life tips like time management, while much of our system (education etc) lends itself to rewarding people who are well versed in skills like time management, it does not necessarily require those who succeed in it to have mastered these prerequisite skills.

True success comes from a blend of understanding the most IMPORTANT and VALUABLE lessons that can give you the greatest level of understanding with the least level of time committed. I like to think of these as learning shortcuts.

Now, take what you have learned and apply these to not follow the pack (infinitesimally difficult to be a pack leader in the most competitive fields) but rather use these overarching conclusions to make/create your own fields.

They say the success to business is being a great middleman but your scope is limited if you are a middleman between tiny markets.

Consider the implications and value of acquiring what we might even think of as “secrets” or revelations that allow the facade of industries to fall and then draw upon these revelations to forge conclusions and connections where most do not even recognize that an opportunity exists.

Rather than playing catch up to a race to which you have already missed the start (learning to become a master coder or pianist in your latter years) you can instead create a new art to which you can draw others, imagine a new instrument that can create beautiful music, become the master of this domain and you can eclipse the entire field of pianism.

Seek to identify the least common denominators of humanity but do not stray too far in either direction–specificity or globality. Just as studying one fungi becomes increasingly irrelevant to most (though there may be a small chance you discover something great) your best shot at creating the farthest-reaching impacts are in observing and understanding the causations of the actions of so many around us.

This understanding is limited not only to people, as the algorithms and technology we produce has now exceeded in many ways our own thought process, it becomes important to understand the influence and power of the human-scale orchestrations that govern these systems.

That is to say, understand systems in order to understand opportunity.

Once you feel you have a sufficient understanding of the systems governing–and only you can make this judgement call–devise a system of your own and make it yours.


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