I’ve been thinking a lot about how “empowering” media for women lately. We brought up in class that a lot of advertisers are trying to tap into a “girl power” mentality to increase sales.  I am genuinely impressed with some of the content I’ve been seeing. However, I also feel like sometimes that content is distributed under the guise of representing women in a less objectifying way when in reality it’s still dictating who has power by excluding marginalized voices.

I made this as a response to the “Dove. Real Beauty.” campaign.

NOTE: I tried several times to change the image format so you can make it bigger, but I must be doing something wrong. The text says, “Dove. Real (white, skinny, able bodied, cisgender) Beauty.”

Featured image


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  1. I agree, I have a couple problems with the Dove Real Beauty campaign. I think that the campaign is a step in the right direction, but still silences many marginalized individuals, and still is dictating what is beautiful and what isn’t. The spectrum of body types portrayed here is still pretty limited.

  2. apkoch2014 says:

    As women, it is always good to see images of other women in the media that aren’t the “ideal” image many media outlets get us to believe is “right”. However I had only ever thought positive things about this campaign until reading both of your posts. it has made me think that is this advisement too getting us to believe that this is “ideal”, when Isabel you are very correct in saying that not all body types are displayed.

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