I was really taken by the section in the Resolutions reading that stated, “in community television production the ends are the means because new possibilities emerge when the means of production are in the hands a self-determining group of people representing themselves. A community creates itself as it represents itself.”

To me, this put all of the videos we were watching last Monday into a more meaningful light, and also finally highlighted the importance of “representation” (ie the idea of “giving” someone a voice, forcing ideals upon someone) versus self representation. The only wholly accurate way someone can be represented in the media is if they have created said media themselves. This is why corporate television, no matter how open-minded and seemingly unbiased their projections seem to be, cannot accurately represent all people with different lived experiences, of different classes and of varying races.

I also thought it was interesting to say that “a community creates itself as it represents itself.” I think that this statement is very true because to begin to enlighten others about what you think is important, you yourself have to uncover your own priorities. I think this makes community television, and self representative media, important because it does not only accurately represent individuals, but helps shape the individuals themselves.


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  1. socalens says:

    I appreciate you comments…as dialogue begins… and community media process is a catalyst for dialogue…new language of self representation is developed raising the consciousness of all.

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