Watch this.

I think that this video is a very arresting campaign, and I think it is successful because of this. Seeing little kids swearing or perform actions considered more adult is always impossible to turn away from. I also think that comparing words like “fuck” to words that demean women is successful because it forces the viewers to think about language in a more objective way. I really enjoyed this video, what did you think?


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  1. laureljaclyn says:

    I’ve seen this video going around lately too. I do think that the video was overall pretty successful, however there are aspects of it that really don’t sit well with me. I think the concept is genius. It makes the viewer really uncomfortable and thus makes a clear point. However, I feel like we’re at this point in the feminist movement where people are finally starting to recognize intersectionality and this video really falls short of that. It basically frames the entire argument from a white perspective without recognizing the additional marginalization women who are not white, able bodied and heteronormative face. For example, how hard would it have been to include stats about the wage gap for women of color?

    Additionally, I am reallllyyyy weary of organizations like FCKH8 that basically use social issues for make a profit. This whole buy a shirt and we’ll donate some money to some vague organization we want to support thing doesn’t sit well with me. (Additionally, the organization has come under a lot of fire recently for their treatment of LGBTQ issues

    So, I really do think the campaign was clever. It could have been really great, in my opinion it just fell short of how good it could have bee.

  2. laureljaclyn says:

    I just stumbled across this article while doing thesis research that provides a really useful critique of the “F-Bombs for Feminism” campaign. It makes some really good points about how this FOR PROFIT organization is exploiting girls.

  3. apkoch2014 says:

    I have too been following the circulation of this video recently and I came across this really interesting article that furthers on from what Laurel is saying about introducing women of colour & inequality as whole.

  4. laureljaclyn says:

    One more thing: I would follow this up with the question, “How, if at all, is this objectification any different from the kind of media objectification girls face every day?”

  5. Yes Laurel said exactly what I was thinking!

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