Over the last two weeks we have been discussing the past and still very present perceptions that surround both the HIV & gay community. Today in class we were talking about this week’s readings from Marlon Riggs. Many different areas of discussion arose, both about gay rights and representation as well as censorship. I found a comment about the size of your pay check the real censorship in broadcast really fascinating, something that I had never thought of before. Riggs talks about in his early journalist studies years wanting to be a news anchor, but knew that to be trusted he would have to change his “gay” voice to fit the mould the world expected.

This got me thinking that although today we promote the idea of living in a freedom of expression society, how many people today are still changing and masking elements of themselves? We continue to promote same sex equality but within some communities people may never be expected for who they are. When thinking about this I remembered a promotion I watched a while back now and how effective it was in reaches the masses (via Facebook of cause). It’s probably something you have all seen, but if not I’ve attached the video.


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