At Gregg Bordowitz’s lecture at Scripps last Thursday, I was very moved by the poetry of his friend, Donald Woods. I searched Woods’ name on Google, and found his obituary from 1992 in the Archives section of the New York Times. It is linked below.

I also searched to find an example of Woods’ poetry, as it had such a resonating power to me. It wasn’t easy to find his work on YouTube, which was upsetting to me, but I was able to find a quick clip of Donald’s poetry being performed at a 1987 fundraiser.


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  1. revandrewwright says:

    Wonderful. Seems like the poetry Riggs is discussing: “Around 1985-86 [NOTE: THE POEM YOU LINKED WAS 1987] the primary means of expression for black gay men and a black gay identity was though poetry.”
    Woods is actualizing his identity through expression, and to know that he is dead before knowing him intimately through his work is inescapably horrendous

  2. rbhalla2018 says:

    The poem you shared was great; thanks for sharing! I think that poetry has historically been the means of expression for many marginalized groups/communities, which is also seen today through spoken word.

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