On October 23rd, I went to listen to the Gregg Bordowitz’s lecture.

People see people who have AIDS virus as gays.
AIDS is gays’ problem.
Government should send gays and people with AIDS virus to camp to make them stay away from us.

I was pretty surprised that I was not surprised when I heard about the attitudes towards those people only several years ago in the lecture. We all know people never should accept these attitude but we do somewhere in our mind.

Gregg Bordowitz talked about a lot of movements and campaigns. He also mentioned about how earlier media took up AIDS or posters that are said to be meaningful. Among many posters, he was sticking with the poster. SILENCE = SEX. It seems a bit unclear but there is a brief description below the poster.
The criminalization of HIV+ people perpetuates stigma and prevents HIV prevention. HIV+ people are often caught in a “Catch 22,” wherein disclosure is required by law, but often leads to immediate rejection. Inform yourself : overcome stigma and get laid!

Posters should be catchy and easy to get but sometimes, they can be difficult so that make people think. When people come to a stop in front of the poster, I guess it is when the poster becomes meaningful.



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  1. benliang02033 says:

    It is really interesting that how people have changed, since the invention of internet. As today we are forced to receive tons of information everyday or (we can say) every minute. However, absorbing thousands of information did not make us become knowledgable but apathetic. While receiving these information, most of us did not really have time to analyze them instead, we just followed what they told us and remember them. When new information or perspective be received, we then replaced our opinion to the new ones. As time passes, we had gotten thousands of opinion and perspective, however, for us, we only knew then but did not really understand them, therefore, it seems that we knew every things, but the fact was we understood nothing…

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