“The Medium is the Massage” is really fascinating. It doesn‘t have much section or chapters, which,for me, easy to finish, but in its limited text, it contains so much profound perspective and ideas. Most of them are fitted in with today’s society, some of them even connected with some adages in ancient China.

Most people find it difficult to understand purely verbal concepts. They suspect the ear; they don’t trust it. In general we feel more secure when things when things are visible , when we can “see for ourselves.” We admonish children, for instance, to “ believee only half of what they see, and nothing of what they hear.” All kinds of “shorthand” systems of notation have been developed to help us see what we hear (page 117),

This quote suggests us why we should Decode before Ingest. In the ancient China, there is adage that What you hear about may be false; what you see is true.(i am not a good translator…) However, today our eyes are not our friends anymore. We can easily deceive by our eyes, which we should appreciate the development of the media technology. Therefore, we should always be alert and turn on our brain to avoid misleading by others.


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