I am writing this post reacting to this article

The article is about one of the most exciting moments of my life. It was a buzzer-beating three pointer by Damian Lillard to make my hometown Portland Trail Blazers advance to the second round of the playoffs for the first time since I was 7. I started screaming, ran out of the dorms I was watching the game in, over to Harvey Mudd still jumping and screaming, and then back to Pitzer. I read this article mostly to just be reminded of the happy memory, but then thought more about what the author, Casey Parks, is writing about.

Social media like (instagram and vine, mentioned in this article) is one of the newest forms of new media. My realization from this article is that some of the stars in this new kind of media are people who are much different than traditional contributors to media. In this case, Thomas Peterson, a 14-year-old from Missouri was the individual with the savy to make the video of this glorious moment go viral. He searched for media on his particular interest: the Portland Trail Blazers and their catch phrase “Rip City” and found an instagram post by a wealthy boy from Oregon who was sitting courtside and videotaped the shot on his smartphone. He posted the clip as a loop on Vine, and it got millions of views. I think this occurrence is a really cool and popular example of alternative media. In my last post I discussed Greg Bordowitz’ distinction between commercial media which seeks a demographic niche organized to sell products to and alternative media which seeks a constituency of people who share common interests. Because the original videographer used the tag that helped him reach out to the constituency of people with common interests, another kid with the same interest was able to make his video clip reach millions of viewers. I think this is awesome, and I am glad that, as Casey Parks writes, “It’s called “sharing” on social media for a reason. Nobody owns a moment like that.”


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