After Apryl and I presented on the four media initiatives we researched relating to the movement to legalize marijuana, some important realizations are starting to occur. First, the movement to legalize marijuana is a fairly unique issue because while it is very intertwined with the push to end drug prohibition altogether, various aspects of marijuana set it apart from other drugs. I think some of these aspects include the prevalence with which it is used among people of all social classes in America, and also the relatively tame effects and benign damages to health with its use. The uniqueness of marijuana I think is accelerating the process of it becoming legalized, but once that happens it will only take a piece out of the pie that is a massive problem of hyper-policing citizens (disproportionately young males of color) for drug crimes. The four initiatives that Apryl and I researched varied in how they presented the message for marijuana legalization, but they all held on to key points such as the fact that marijuana use is extremely prevalent even while it is illegal, and legalizing it will only prevent unfair punishment of the unlucky individuals who happen to get caught as a result of not having a safe place to use the drug. These are all good points, but as we move forward towards the second assignment, I hope to take a step back and tackle the larger issues that the marijuana legalization movement is unearthing.


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