The screening last night of Tongues United by Marlon Riggs made me think a lot about my personal actions and voice. An inspirational documentary that successfully intertwined individual poems and stories within one continuing story (Marlon Riggs), all tying together through the use of music and sounds. Since coming to Pitzer I have become more than ever exposed and familiarised with a diverse range of people who identify with a wide range of social and cultural identities. This has continuously forced me to question and reconsider my opinions and voice when address different groups.

I had never in the slightest considered myself a racist or homophobic (even saying those words upset me because there are still many people who are), however I found myself easily on the weekend slip into a joking conversation that resulted in offending one of my friends. Even though I consider myself socially aware of people around me in a serious contextual conversation why had I thought it was okay (intentional or not) to not be so considerate when joking. Tongues United made me realise how hard it is already for people in minority groups and if these people are standing up for themselves it is our responsibility to stand beside them to ensure that no more jokes (serious or not) are made at their expense.

I’m taking responsibility of myself and my actions!


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