I do a lot of work in and outside of class that has to do with media access, bridging the digital divide, and participatory media. That is the lens I always have when reading theory. The Lievrouw reading and analysis of “new media” offered me a new perspective on the work I do.

He offers a definition as follows:

1. The material artifacts or devises that enable and extend people’s abilities to communicate and share meaning

2. The communication activities or practices that people engage in as they develop and use those devises

3. The larger social arrangements and organizational forms that people create and build around the artifacts and practices

I think that this was a really important definition for me and what stuck out most in this reading. I related this definition of “New Media” to media access and realize that it is much more than just having the technologies available. There are larger social structures and practices that the technology interacts with. And so it is important that the access is to knowledge of those systems as well. In other words, giving technology is useless without providing a way for people to engage with technology and a way to take part on the larger mediascape. I think that the Storymaker App is a good example of this.


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