This past summer the two best movies I watched were called Boy and Boyhood. This is a little surprising because having movies consistently being white-male-centric is something that makes me really unenthused about many of the movies being shown in theaters. Boy is not a movie that actively calls for social change, but I believe that its existence is a sign of social progress in media. The film was made possible by the New Zealand Film Commission after the director, Taika Waititi released this short film, “Two Cars, One Night“. The website for the movie, “Boy” is here.

Most of the video we have seen in our class has been created to serve some sort of purpose. Whether it is to advertise the mechanical productivity of a Russian city, advocate for Native Americans to be treated with dignity and full humanity, or giving a voice to black gay men to be heard by the rest of society. Boy is more of a funny movie but I feel like it is similar to some of what we have watched in class because it gives moviewatchers a new perspective that is not tainted by the norms and restrictions of commercial media.

Original films like “Boy” are made possible by funding other than advertising and movie tickets– in this case it was the New Zealand Film Commission. This is similar to the National Film Board of Canada, which funded the movie by Alanis Obomsawin which we watched early on this semester. I am curious if the USA or any states in the USA have this, or if funding for films is purely commercial or from some other source such as a foundation or institutions like universities. We need more movies that do not stink. I am sick of guns, boobs, and explosions on my tv screen, and funding movies like “Boy” makes the world better in my opinion, even if it is not in as focused as a way as lots of the stuff we have watched in class.


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