Media literacy is something that in our society, we completely take for granted, or at least I do. Reading the section in the Goodman piece about his son’s kindergarten class was particularly fascinating to me, because I think we take things like recognizing brands to be a particularly inherent kind of knowledge, even though it is completely learned and a relatively modern idea. This section reminded me of an app that was pretty popular last year in which the user would complete different levels of a game by correctly identifying various corporate logos. To beat the game, the user has to be extremely literate in various forms of branding and advertising, which seemed odd to me when I first heard about the app, and still does. I was particularly confused about how being so literate in this specific way was a positive trait, and now I am curious about what this app says about media literacy in our society in general. What are the advantages to being knowledgable in this way? I am still unsure.


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  1. rbhalla2018 says:

    I’m not sure if there is an advantage, other than indicating the prevalence of these businesses in modern day culture/society. If anything, I think that this illustrates how capitalist our culture is and the power businesses, marketing, and advertising have on people subconsciously and consciously.

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