As was mentioned in class last week, childhoods have become commercialized. Over the years, marketing to children has become deregulated. Marketing to youth of all ages has become a multibillion-dollar industry to make children one of the most KRAFT FOODS POKEMON MACARONIprofitable consumers out there. Children are highly targeted by companies selling food, toys, clothing, entertainment, and even cars. In fact, companies have individuals looking into the psychology and neuroscience of marketing to children to make money off of them.

Kids are targeted from a very early age with sales pitches for all kinds of merchandise from movies to food to electronics, among other items. Once marketing consisted primarily of television ads aimed at children, but, today, billions of dollars of marketing takes dozens of forms so that children are continually bombarded by marketing in their homes, neighborhoods and schools.

Documentary Recommendation: Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhoods


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  1. apkoch2014 says:

    I have also been thinking a lot about this too Josue! As I dont get the opportunity to watch any television here I can’t speak if this is the same here, but a few years ago in Australia they banned fast food advertisements during children’s programs. Research found that it was having such an effects on children’s eating habits/expectations on what was healthy eating. If this isnt the case in America, it is something I think would be beneficial all over the world, as children are highly influenced particularly when you throw it in the mix between their favourite cartoon.

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